Monthly Archives: November 2013

When the NSA Hacks the Hackers (and money, Tesla, Xbox penis redux, Dutch spies & forums)

From the cypherpunks list, a remarkable play-by-play of what happens when the NSA/FBI goes after all the cell phones at DEFCON. First round: nearly everyone gets pwned, but some people have custom SDR kit recording the whole deal. Second round: despite all the hardening they can do, the hackers get pwned getting off the plane… […]

APT Hackers Using Military Org Structure (and South Korea spies, John Goetz)

Malware researchers are finding Chinese Advanced Persistent Threat campaigns appear to be backed by a traditional military structure, suggesting the Chinese are taking a page from the NSA. The ‘tell’ is similar tools and code between campaigns, indicating the hackers are using ready-made exploits provided by a centralized “quartermaster.” Not an exploit vendor, this quartermaster […]

10 Million New Malware Strains This Year (and Tesla, Neurophone, a bunch of NSA stuff)

QOTD: “Big Data is basically the [final] solution to personal privacy.” Malware creation has hit a new record high. In 2013 — so far — almost 10 million new “strains” of malicious software have been identified by security researchers. 2012’s total was hit 9 months into the year. Think about that for a second. 10 […]

The Xbox One Has A Penis Problem (sex and spying edition. Also NSA/Porn, FBI DITU)

Excellent advice… “When you enter someone’s home, ask if there is an Xbox present and, if so, insist on seeing it unplugged.”[1] The Xbox One uses an IR camera so it can spy on you even with the lights out. One property of IR cameras is that they can see through certain types of clothing.[3] […]

The Streetlights are Watching You (and JYA/Assange, Snowden’s insurance, Time POY, BOUNDLESS INFORMANT)

Companies are starting to develop street lights that track you. They don’t just collect everything from seismic data to local radiation levels, they record audio, video, and MAC addresses of local devices. SRSLY? Wait, it gets worse. The goal is to build a billion-node worldwide sensor network. As Reuters puts it, “either Halloween for scientists, […]

#badBIOS live! (and audio mesh networks, Snowden, NSA)

Someone finally posted audio of the bugger. Now you too can test your ultrasonic hearing! (world’s shortest writeup, link is here for a change.) …and that was fast. German researchers have already figured out not just how to duplicate badBIOS signaling, but to make friggin’ ACOUSTIC MESH NETWORKS that bypass air gaps. Snowden: […]

BGP “Poor Man’s NSA” Attacks On The Rise (and JYA/NSA)

I’ve been covering the danger of BGP attacks here quite a bit. And it looks like attackers have taken notice of this little trick… According to the ‘net watchers at Renesys, BGP attacks were on the rise throughout this year. Attackers have used them to re-route traffic from financial services companies, network providers, and government […]