Wikileaks Drops Strafor Remainder (hacktivist/new age cult roundup. And electrostatics, Germany/NSA, JYA quotes)

First of all, one hair theory I forgot.

As usual, the conspiracy-y mindset of the original source led me to overlook the obvious — conditioning! Hair being a key part of one’s personal appearance, going from long hair to a short-cut could erase a lot of the sub-conscious conditioning that the Native American trackers might have depended on to connect with their environment.

(Militaries do haircuts for exactly this reason. They want to clear out the civilian conditioning so they can create new, military conditioning. But, if you want to try this — speaking from experience a while back — the short-sides-somewhat-longer-top cut is crap. Even if it is popular.)

Oookay. This… is gonna be a long one.

Sentenced to 10 years in prison, Jeremy Hammond pointed out that the crimes he’d committed were conceived of by FBI informant Sabu. [2] The FBI essentially used AntiSec as a hacking-team-for-hire, sending them after foreign intelligence targets.[3] And on December 4, 2011, Sabu introduced them to “a hacker” — who’s still unknown — that wanted LulzSec to pwn Stratfor.

This “dark horse” figure had all the ducks lined up, even a Stratfor penetration ready to go and credit card dumps already taken. All LulzSec had to do was pull the trigger. Which they duly did.

(I can’t find it in the Wayback Machine, but when the hack happened I distinctly going back and looking to see if Stratfor had done something that might’ve pissed someone off. All I could find was an article to the effect that Al-Quaeda wouldn’t have had the capability to pull off 9/11 on their own.)

Weirdness aside, Wikileaks has now released the remaining ~500,000 emails from Stratfor. [1] It will be interesting to see what gets found in them… sadly there’s no way to search or sort by date. And, I haven’t found much of anything specific to comment on yet.

But speaking of Wikileaks…

I started down the “Assange cult history” path yesterday and ended up spending an hour reading on the Anne Hamilton-Byrne cult today. If you’re interested in human psychology, well worth it.

It’s an excellent example of evil incarnate. (the cult, not Wikileaks)

And, how evil comes into the world and hangs around despite people really ought-ing to know better. The short version? It hinges on responsibility. Sect members relied on Anne to make even the smallest decision, stayed in favor, and in return she assumed total responsibility — and gave them permission to ignore all the usual rules of society.[4]

Backstory: the purpose of keeping the children (of which Assange may or may not have been one, for two years) imprisoned was as remarkable as it was insane. They were supposed to become an elite leadership group after the apocalypse. And, it gets stranger.

The kids were equipped from birth to travel the world as ghosts —
dressed identically with identical white hair so they could swap passports and identity as needed. Many had multiple birth certificates and different passports under different names, as well as citizenship in multiple countries. Basically…

…it was a “Bourne Identity” camp for new-age nutjobs.

Hamilton-Byrne never told anyone why she did this. She told the kids they were all descended from both royalty and Jesus Christ, emphasizing the need to keep it secret because “royalty were no longer popular” and they might get their heads cut off!

Nevertheless, the internal structure of the Hamilton-Byrne cult was designed to impress a power-elite structure on them very deeply. Daily schedules were regimented and beyond monotonous, creating a need for structure. Heavy uses of pharmaceuticals made for maximum suggestibility, this combined with the obligatory LSD to properly fuck up their minds and create a few complexes that would be really hard to ever get out… in this life or the proverbial next few!

Of course, they were told that some day one of them would be Guru… if they simply measured up to the impossible standards. A sure-fire recipe for encouraging people to “learn from the experience” — and then repeat it whenever any of the kids found themselves in a position of power. Impress a structure onto their minds so that, whatever they end up doing, they’ll subconsciously reach for that structure later.

(As for Assange?

Some people accuse Assange of having precisely these tendencies, in the form of personalty cult leadership, “cat conditioning,” other bizarre stories.

After having read what the cult got up to, I’m somewhat surprised he doesn’t have them even more visibly. This is pernicious shit, notoriously difficult to eradicate. The worst part is, it tends to hang around deep in the subconscious, such that even someone who has the best of intentions will subconsciously attract and create situations that result in it.

In that respect he’s quite lucky he was only exposed to it for a relatively short time. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the resulting cross-Australia run was dogged by the psychic aftermath of doing what Anne had impressed upon her followers would result in terrible things inevitably happening.)

Paranoia was inculcated too, in the form of “an automatic assumption that others are going to attempt to hurt and be cruel and let you down,” plus a certain inability to love cited by some of the survivors.

By the way: lest *I* stray into that territory, I should take a moment and make it clear that, for all the importance of “don’t trust things you don’t understand,” the vast majority of people out there are basically good and honest. Defensive security is about checking the disproportionate effects that arise from the ones that aren’t.

How’d it all get started? It’s not quite clear. Survivors attribute it to Hamilton-Byrne’s extraordinary charisma, and her training at the hands of a physicist named Dr. Raynor Johnson — who’d studied and written extensively on Eastern mysticism. (Since Hamilton-Byrne took her philosophy from Indian traditions, this evidently wasn’t the “dark side of Tibetan buddhism” school of mass-manipulation that the Nazis imported and used to leave their own very deep mark.)

Newcomers were recruited with standard tricks, though with a remarkable twist. The cult used an LSD trip in psychiatric institution they controlled to cement the newcomers’ initiation… and were not told ahead of time. The cult’s doctors knew quite well how to pervert it, inserting guilt-complexes and hang-ups (particularly sexual ones) to ensnare new members.

And, like any such organization, there was a classic “evil core” of those who simply wanted power over others, fueled by a need to subjugate the life and liveliness in others and unhindered by remorse.

[2] [3]

Coolest thing I’ve seen all day:

The German press has coppered on to the military-espionage base the Americans created in the southern half of Germany. The Americans are nothing if not persistent… it’s telling that one of the few East German cities (Leipzig) that was captured by the Americans in WWII was a center of the anti-Communist revolution years later, and is now a major trans-shipment center for US troops heading to “secret missions” in the Middle East.

Evidently that brief occupation before the Russians moved in was enough for the visiting troups to leave a mark. And maybe an influence network or two.

Quotes from John Young’s recent postings to the mailing list, worth repeating here. Ignore at your own peril:

“…protestations of injustice, outrage and anger, is all too often a conventional cover for betrayal by cooperating witnesses.”

“…recognize that hammering Hammond is meant to be
sickening, as with Manning, Anonymous and Lulzsec members.
In every case rats were coerced into incriminating others by threats of doing to them what was done to Hammond. If nobody is ever hammered the threats are not taken seriously.[…]

Anybody with a high profile is targeted, so beware publicity hounds crowing of derrying-do and urgings by high profilers
who may or may not be in the grips of the feds, and if not,
will soon be due to their publicity narcosis, and then used
as clubs or head to jail for obstruction and recidivism or
some other nut-squeezing — even in jail they are offered
deals to rat and sentence reduced.”

(links footnoted, too much to cover)

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