#badBIOS live! (and audio mesh networks, Snowden, NSA)

Someone finally posted audio of the bugger. Now you too can test your ultrasonic hearing!

(world’s shortest writeup, link is here for a change.)

…and that was fast. German researchers have already figured out not just how to duplicate badBIOS signaling, but to make friggin’ ACOUSTIC MESH NETWORKS that bypass air gaps. http://www.jocm.us/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=show&catid=124&id=600

Snowden: I realized something… the “NSA map” is ** CLEARLY ** omitting even major facilities. Like, say, the SIGINT base at Pine Gap, Australia! Which is not exactly secret [1] so evidently limiting what’s on the map was done by some other criteria.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pine_Gap

Snowden will also be getting a visit from the Indonesians. Wonder how this will play out — asylum offer? How he treats this could set a precedent w.r.t testimony-for-asylum if he wants to go Germany or Brazil or Ecuador, but my head’s already starting to hurt just trying to juggle all the options and interests.

“So if this is a Russian plot to keep him in Russia by getting the Indonesians to get him to set a precedent of not leaving Russia, does that mean he’ll most likely end up in South America because those governments would just fly over their president+jet to get him anyway, but it will take more leaks before popular outrage gets a head-of-state to clear their schedule, and why does everything always seem to collapse to ‘the answer is more leaks’ anyway?

And if we figure this as the Russians wanting to fob him off on the Indonesians or simply having said ‘whatever’… are the Indonesians going to give him an out, and is there a direct flight from Jakarta to Quito or is this going to end with Snowden getting drunk with Aussie spies pretending to be tourists in Ubud?

Now what if he really just testifies, was that the Russkies saying “Mr. Putin said AMERICAN interests, fuck the Aussies, they’re just competitors on the natural resources market, do whatever you like with them”… why do I always come up with the most plausible option last?”


NSA head offered to resign when Snowden leaks came out, but the Obama administration declined because they were afraid it would “hand Mr. Snowden a win.” http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304607104579214673029584730

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