The Streetlights are Watching You (and JYA/Assange, Snowden’s insurance, Time POY, BOUNDLESS INFORMANT)

Companies are starting to develop street lights that track you. They don’t just collect everything from seismic data to local radiation levels, they record audio, video, and MAC addresses of local devices.


Wait, it gets worse. The goal is to build a billion-node worldwide sensor network. As Reuters puts it, “either Halloween for scientists, with data tricks and treats like they’ve never seen before, or the mark of the beast.”

JYA on “Assange not likely to be indicted” claims… “USG recently lured allegedly corrupt Navy contractor into US by this ploy. Same lie for #GGreenwald.”

I would note I wholeheartedly agree with this analysis.

The NSA more or less claims to have found Snowden’s insurance, is crapping their pants over it.

Tech experts disagree, saying what’s described is ludicrous.

To all this I can only quote:

Snowden’s currently winning Time Person of the Year, too.

Anonymous spy (likely an NSA analyst) explains how BOUNDLESS INFORMANT works. Scary detail — when you email or call in the US, there are TWELVE AGENCIES keeping tab on your every move. (He names NSA, Homeland Security, and the FBI DITU as examples.

Someone else writes in to confirm.

“In other words, either Halloween for scientists, with data tricks and treats like they’ve never seen before, or the mark of the beast.

A planet-sized app store

Gathering the data is just the first step, however. The ultimate goal is a planet-sized app store with god’s own treasure trove of data to wallow in like pigs in a continent-sized mud hole. Sensity is building the data collection, APIs, and software development kit, and it will invite third-party developers to create applications based on the massive amount of data.”

“euters has reported that overhead street lights are being retrofitted with multi-sensor capabilities. One such platform being used is known as Netsense by Sensity. The Sensity site describes the platform thusly:

NetSense integrates LED lighting, sensors, high-speed networking, cloud computing, and big data analytics into a single, MultiService Platform (MSP). With NetSense you get distributed intelligence: In our advanced distributed computing architecture, each LED light fixture is equipped with sensors and a fully functioning processor able to run software instructions. When networked together in a NetSense network, these fixtures collectively gather and process data about the surrounding environment, enabling analytics that transform the raw data into actionable information.

Reuters reports that this system will form a multi-dimensional net gathering data from sensors for moisture, ambient light, seismic activity, radiation, wind, temperature, air quality, audio, MAC address tracking to detect cellphones, and yes, audio and high-def video.”

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