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Detecting “Radar Bugs”

I mentioned the PHOTOANGLO system (the new version of the radar Appelbaum talked about) has a max 450Mhz bandwidth. At 2W, that’s bleedingly hard to find with conventional TSCM equipment. To pull it off, I wager you’d need a very, very wideband receiver. One that’s not frequency selective. I wonder if this would do the […]

A Surprising Feature in the NSA’s Radar Bugs: A Neurophone!

The “I’m gonna blow your fucking mind” part of Appelbaum’s by now the stuff of Internet legend 30c3 talk was, as I mentioned before, about radar bugs. And it just so happens that to do this, the NSA uses an invention I reverse-engineered and posted here! First, the NSA’s “radar bugs” are electronic versions of […]

Houdini’s Hacks

First of all, there’s a bunch of stuff from 30c3 that I will comment on, but I’ve been too busy following it. For the moment, only one question… who’s forwarding my stuff on to Appelbaum? Because as accurate as this quote is, it sure sounds like something I’ve been saying for ages! *grin* “If you […]

“NTP Reflection” Attacks (and Cryptocat)

In the weeks leading up Christmas, attackers apparently discovered the NTP ‘monlist’ command and started using it to launch attacks en masse. What is NTP ‘monlist’? First of all, NTP (Network Time Protocol) is meant to sync the clocks between different computers. When an OSX machine asks whether to get the time from Cupertino, it […]

Lessons of Underground Crypto: Operation Vula

Here’s a really fascinating article on encryption in pre-Apartheid South Africa. It was totally homebrew — used by the (freedom fighter or terrorist, take your pick) ANC to organize their insurgency. They’d used very cumbersome manual communications methods early on, but poor training and procedures meant the links were more or less not used. Combined […]

How Much is Smartphone App Privacy Worth? $5+ Per App

Smartphone users will happily pay more than $5 for an app in order to keep their privacy, according to a new study. The economists running the study presented users with a real, free app and a number of identical-functionality “competitors” that cost money. The difference? The paid apps came with varying degrees of privacy protection […]

ANPR (and WAIT WTF HOLYSHIT? Appelbaum/Farr, FEMEN/Cologne)

QOTD: “I have come to think of positive self-esteem as, in effect, the immune system of consciousness.” — Nathaniel Branden (Canadian psychotherapist, Ayn Rand’s ex) What we have here is a technology that was developed by the British in 1984. Perhaps no wonder, then, that it’s proven largely useless for preventing actual crime but proven […]