An Improvised Alarm System (and Euro/Snowden)

Sometimes the most effective alarm system isn’t an alarm. An Indian bookshop owner had a problem with cash thefts from a cabinet, so he built a reed-switch triggered camera trap. Wires from the magnetic switch in the cabinet ran to a casually perched DSLR camera that had been “left” on a nearby table.

When the thief entered the nearly dark room and opened the cabinet, the high-ISO setting on the camera nicely captured the guy and his face. The photos were delivered to the police, who persuaded the soon-to-be-ex employee to return all the previously-stolen money.

Effective security? I’d say so!

Developments on the Euro-Snowden front: Shortly before the EU parliament’s justice & civil liberties committee voted 36-2 to invite Snowden to testify via video link*, Obama invited German chancellor Merkel to visit Washington.**

My reading is the US government is scared of further pro-Snowden developments in Europe. And, that yes, it’s in Germany’s interests to invite Snowden over for beer & bratwurst: both in terms of demonstrating independence from the would-prefer-Germany-to-stay-a-US-pseudocolony-forever American espionage-military octopus, and in terms of a sort of moral primacy in Europe. (“Enough mit das Austerity! Joo all like Snowden, but only ze Germans have ze balls to let him visit!”)

(I suspect the “indoor cat” is better off in Brazil long-term, as it isn’t home to the largest US military and espionage presence outside of the US & UK — yet as importing Snowden would be an excellent electoneering move for Rouseff next year, Germany has an opportunity now.)


(would just end up quoting the whole article)

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