Seach Engines: DuckDuckGo Isn’t “Safe” Either (and Ukraine, eschatology, “interdiction”)

An article in the German-language press makes a good point: for all of you switching to DuckDuckGo to avoid the NSA, no dice. The (Russian) Yandex-affiliated site is hosted on Amazon S3 in the US, Amazon being a CIA contractor. DuckDuckGo is also a US company and subject to the PATRIOT Act, FISA court orders, etc etc ad paranoia.

Possibly “safe” — for whatever your definition thereof might be —
could be Ixquick (hosted in the Netherlands, subject to both EU data protection and the whims of Europe’s most wiretap-loving authorities).

Startpage is a “google proxy” engine run by the same Dutch company behind Ixquick, but uses US based servers if your IP address is in the US. Theoretically this doesn’t change the legal protections, but — you know how things work.

Does it matter in the end? Who knows.

Ukraine: Protesters have taken over Kiev’s Ukranian House, which is notable because — up until a few hours ago it was the main staging area for the riot police.

Eschatology: trouble in the banking system?

“Interdiction” — this link has been making the rounds. Just to be clear, this is NOT what a covert anything would look like. If it’s intentional, it’s meant as harassment. Real interdiction would not show up on the freaking tracking page. These people are professionals.

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