Easy Ways to Detect Advanced Moblie & BIOS Attacks (and Lifehacking/Workouts, Chomsky, Snowden/Climate Change, Snowden/Redaction Fails)

One of the hackers who previously wrote about nation-state level attacks being used against hacker conference attendees has a short guide to spotting certain kinds of very advanced attacks on mobile phones and regular computer BIOSes.

It seems he’s isolated some fingerprints of “anomalous behavior” caused by the imperfect programming of some of the attack software in question. In some cases, the “anomalous behavior” is inherent to the nature of the attack (like the signal power level being unusual for a well known location).

There’s too much to summarize here, but the list is worth looking over. And, a good reminder that it’s always worth noting anomalies instead of discarding them as “just a computer problem.” They may point the way to a much bigger problem. Just ask Cliff Stoll…

Lifehacking: Autosuggestion improves physical performance. When you’re lifting, keep telling yourself “this workout feels good” and your endurance will go up. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24121242

Applying Chomsky to Chomsky: For those of you interested in the US political scene, this article by Greenwald/Snowden-skeptic Tarzie is a must read. Tarzie points out how essentially all of the US “mainstream left” — well, read it yourself. https://ohtarzie.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/passing-noam-on-my-way-out-part-1/

Snowden Leak du Jour: US intelligence spied on 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Summit negotiators. Remember — the summit whose success the future health of the planet hinged on? The one that more or less failed, producing a solution the G77 chair called based on “the very same values in our opinion that funnelled six million people in Europe into furnaces”?

Cryptome has a list of Snowden doc redaction fails. http://cryptome.org/2014/01/nsa-redaction-fails.pdf

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