DIY Quantum Communication — Made Easy! (and Snowden/Harding, analysis)

One of the more interesting research labs out there, for anyone interested in the intersections of psychology and security, is that of Dr. Michael Persinger at Laurentian University in Canada.

I’ve covered some of his work before. In the “open access” tradition, he makes all of his publications available on a website for easy download. This website was updated a few days ago with the latest tranche of research — and there are a few gems…

I previously described how, in one experiment, he’d created practical macro-scale communications via quantum entanglement between two magnetic-field surrounded petri dishes. Unfortunately, replicating this experiment demands access to a photomultiplier tube, which not everyone has in their junk drawer.

In the latest paper[1] he describes a version that you can indeed do with electronics shop parts.

It turns out that shifting pH levels in spring water can also propagate via entanglement if the water samples are surrounded by suitable magnetic fields. (Magnetic fields which you can generate with, say, an Arduino or PIC, output transistors, and some solenoids.)

In other words, it ought to be possible to set up two stations an arbitrary distance apart (other experiments the Persinger group performed showed the effects at 3km and 300km) and transmit data between them by modifying the pH of the water at one station and measuring pH at the other, provided the fields are both synchronized to the same clock.

This may even be possible without synchronization of sender and recipient — some of the experiments with this effect (not in the cited paper) appear not to synchronize the rotating magnetic fields!

The hydrogen ion appears to be key to this effect, at least according to the researchers. I wonder if there’s a way to modify this experiment in order to get a reasonable bit-rate? (At the moment it transmits veeeeery slowwwly.)

[1] File name from the Persinger archite given below — the full citation is–
Dotta et al, “Excessive correlated shifts in pH within distal solutions sharing phase-uncoupled angular accelerating magnetic fields: Macro-entanglement and information transfer,” International Journal of Physical Sciences, Vol. 8(36), pp. 1783-1787, 30 September, 2013. DOI: 10.5897/IJPS2013.3961

Details of Snowden’s early contact with Poitras/Greenwald. Includes a paragraph explaining why Snowden didn’t go to Wikileaks.

Good analysis of the above story. This is very close to my reading of an odd microexpression I saw flit across Greenwald’s face early in the Snowden story.

But there is more to it, I think. More than we can say given our primitive state of knowledge about “advanced psychological attacks.”

“Instead of trying to necessarily stop the bombs, they pushed gear across that made bomb making risky, and aggressively clamped down on ‘safe’ gear where they could. In effect, making unstable explosives and detonators available, and controlling the market for the quality stuff. […]

Good stuff was harassed, crap was rewarded.

Given this level of harassment, it really is entirely logical that Greenwald — he’s a journo fakrisake — took every excuse to avoid getting in deep. And both he and Poitras felt entrapment was a likely direction, another sign that harassment was a real tactic.

They were acting entirely to the enemy’s game plan, in the role cast for them. Be suspicious, be nervous, make like a rabbit. Snowden’s challenge was to beat the plan”

From: 2013 – Excessive correlated shifts in pH within distal solutions.pdf

“Entanglement or excess correlation between physical chemical reactions separated by significant
distances has both theoretical and practical implications. In 24 experiments, the inverse shifts in pH
were noted in two quantities of spring water separated by 10 m that shared rotating magnetic fields (0.5
T) with changing angular velocities when one solution was injected with proton donors (weak acetic
acid). The values of increased pH in the entangled (non-injected) beakers were 0.01, 0.03, and 0.07 for
water volumes of 100, 50, and 25 cc, respectively. The associated fixed amount of energy of ~10-21 J per
molecule from the coordinated fields in the two loci was related to the change in numbers of H+ within
these volumes and predicted the time required to produce the maximum shift in pH. These results
suggest that macroentanglement as a potentially inexpensive method of transfer of information over long distances may have practical application.”

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