Wooden Puzzle Lock for a Secret Door (and EU/Snowden, Ukraine)

This isn’t particularly secure, it’s just cool.

A guy built a secret compartment under his wine rack. To access the compartment, you have to slide four knobs left and right until they’re in the correct position, and then press the “decorative” wood square in the center.

Once unlocked, you can push the wine rack back into the closet on rails, exposing the secret compartment in the floor.

The underlying principle is a linear version of those rotating combination locks you see on cheap security cables everywhere. When the sliding tumblers are all aligned correctly, the “fence” (connected to the decorative wood square) can slide back, and then the wine rack can slide too.

Sadly it fails the main test of a “secret door” lock — “hey, these knobs move! I wonder what they do? there must be a secret mechanism here!” — but it’s pretty clear the guy uses it more for showing off to guests, so whatever.

The EU parliament is not going to call on European governments to grant Snowden asylum specifically. Mostly thanks to “intense pressure” from many national governments and the various conservative parties — the Brits and Americans appear to be viciously terrified. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/feb/12/edward-snowden-nsa-asylum-demand-european-parliament

The fight over Ukraine: Reading through the history of the country, I get the feeling dictators and the like have always had an existential fear of an independent Ukraine.

Could be the excellent soil, but I wonder if there’s more to it than that. Did you know only two countries have dolphins in their Navy? (Ukraine and the US)


(just look at the pictures)

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