Reasons to Love the CIA (and Ukraine spies planning to destroy archives)

First of all, Ukraine’s KGB-successor SBU internal intelligence agency is planning to destroy its archives. Why is this important?

Internal spy agencies are usually the best-informed people in the country about where things are going politically. They know before everyone else when the current political order is doomed, and start destroying the files well in advance.

(The Stasi knew the Wall was going to fall over a year before it did, and as a result what remains in the Stasi’s archives is the less-secret stuff they were more or less OK with the world finding out.)

Hopefully the Ukraine SSU will be so kind as to leave behind the advanced technical and operational “how to” information intact, so the people can properly defend themselves.

Either way, the Ukrainian revolution is particularly important because of the tremendous interests at play here. With Ukraine’s proximity to Russia and a tremendous Russian covert infrastructure inside Ukraine, this is very much the people versus the full might of extremely well-equipped state organizations.

The Middle East might have ruthless spies, but the Russians have the full might of technology, thanks to decades and billions of dollars worth of mass mind- and population-control research. A revolution in Ukraine is therefore something like an anti-American revolution in Canada or Mexico.

Now then.

One of the most socially important functions of intelligence agencies is to explore the territory most people would fear to go.

After all, how are we to defend ourselves against evil if we don’t know what it looks like?

In that light, the CIA deserves a hearty round of thanks for taking the milestone the Nazis had set and building upon it. After all, that was seventy years ago, and in a place regarded by the English-speaking world as “over there.”

Thanks to the CIA and its allies, however, Americans now know that they — and particularly their government — are also capable of unspeakable evil. (And still doing it as a matter of course, as you’ll soon see.)

Unfortunately, these agencies’ work is still incomplete. All we have to go on are the records which have slowly leaked out, often because those in charge thought they “didn’t look as bad as the stuff we want to keep hidden.”

In order to for the taxpayer to see a full return on his dollar he must sadly wait until American civil rights activists break down the gates of Langley and publish the whole thing. No doubt the Stasi will look like Care Bears by comparison.

(Note to future ‘Freedom for my file!’ activitsts: make sure to get the ‘decentralized’ archives in safe houses and private SCIFs, the official archives are just a tiny piece of the puzzle.)

When reading the linked article, therefore, it’s important to keep this perspective in mind.

Nevertheless, it’s a quite remarkable read. I’ve quoted it more at length at the bottom, but let me give you an ‘executive summary.’

– Seven year old kids subjected to electroshock, well, torture. Their doctors were being paid under the table by the CIA to conduct ‘research’ on those doctors’ patients.

– Same thing with LSD. Quote:

“When the LSD Mary has been given begins to have its effects, she stops moving her head and legs and sits staring at the wall. She doesn’t move at all. After about ten minutes, she looks at the nearby physician observing her, and says, “God isn’t coming back today. He’s too busy. He won’t be back here for weeks.””

– Monstrous pain- and convulsion-inducing drugs (which have been banned from use on ordinary patients) currently being used on “enemy combatants” at black site prisons

– Parents given LSD as ‘therapy’ in a CIA/MI6 linked facility — they needed therapy — recommending their kids for the same ‘treatment.’ Then, when the (trip-sitter-free) experience produces a nervous breakdown in the kids… the parents and everyone else respond in a ‘coercive and drastic’ fashion.

What’s ‘coercive and drastic’? Having the one daughter diagnosed as a psychiatric case and medicated into oblivion, after the daughter asks unwanted questions about the childhood LSD experience and had a possibly related nervous breakdown.

(The other daughter was threatened with having her career ended if she ever spoke about it. She since came foward.)

Incidentally, this is one of the most fascinating things about the experiments to me. What made all these people turn into, well, psychopaths who TURNED ON THEIR OWN CHILDREN when it came to protecting secret experiments?

Desire to protect their professional reputation probably played a role. But if the drugs did too, the power to get people to act this way is precisely the effect an intelligence agency would want in a drug…

(Also interesting — one team writing that the drug either revealed or created a “deep basic belief in a Supreme Being.” Particularly if there was a way to manipulate this supreme being, a highly desirable result for “God’s own country.”)

Now, there are a still a few notable flaws in the article.

For one, the focus on LSD. Woop-de-do, just about everyone focuses on LSD when they talk “CIA mind control” but it was certainly only a tiny part of the puzzle.

To give you an idea — one CIA man alone oversaw 55 top-secret experiments involving “LSD, ESP, black magic, astrology, psychological warfare, media manipulation, and other subjects.”

Black magic?!

So, like, human sacrifice? Or Nazi SS-Ahnenerbe type stuff? (the CIA worked with lots of ex-Nazis)

Again, what’s leaked out so far is almost certainly only the stuff someone thought “eh, that’ll make an OK limited hangout.”

This is probably why the popular focus on CIA and LSD. Yes, it is amusing to observe that the entire “free love” counterculture was an offshoot of the CIA’s mind control experiments. But enough people have had fine experiences on the drug that it’s hard to really get worked up about the CIA dosing johns in San Francisco or whatever.

After all, Pink Floyd luminary Syd Barrett’s roommates were doing that to him too.

(Even if the CIA’s non-consensual trips had horrific consequences for the trippers, particularly the young children.)

Lastly… nobody but nobody who’s looked at MKULTRA et al has really managed to get beyond the “torture porn” aspect. Let me give you an example.

If you read John C. Lilly’s “Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer,” you’re alternately asking yourself — wait, this guy CAN’T be for real — and, wait, this is possible?!

After reading that book (and thanks to the person who tipped me off on that, you know who you are) the MKULTRA business comes into a whole new perspective.

Think of it this way. Looking at leaked information from any source is a situation of blind men and the elephant. The documents, the lurid reports from experimental survivors, all of these things give us facts. But they do not give us meaning, or the deeper planning and thinking behind the often horrific acts.

THAT is almost certainly where the really interesting stuff lies.

“Bobby is seven years old, but this is not the first time he has been subjected to electroshock. It’s his third time. In all, over the next year, Bobby will experience eight electroshock sessions. Placed on the examining table, he is held down by two male attendants while the physician places a solution on his temples. Bobby struggles with the two men holding him down, but his efforts are useless. He cries out and tries to pull away. One of the attendants tries to force a thick wedge of rubber into his mouth. He turns his head sharply away and cries out, “Let me go, please. I don’t want to be here. Please, let me go.” Bobby’s physician looks irritated and she tells him, “Come on now, Bobby, try to act like a big boy and be still and relax.” Bobby turns his head away from the woman and opens his mouth for the wedge that will prevent him from biting through his tongue. He begins to cry silently, his small shoulders shaking and he stiffens his body against what he knows is coming.[…]

Mary is only five years old. She sits on a small, straight-backed chair, moving her legs back and forth, humming the same four notes over and over and over. […]

When the LSD Mary has been given begins to have its effects, she stops moving her head and legs and sits staring at the wall. She doesn’t move at all. After about ten minutes, she looks at the nearby physician observing her, and says, “God isn’t coming back today. He’s too busy. He won’t be back here for weeks.”[…]

Susann’s son, Guy, was diagnosed with autism shortly after birth and, when he was three years old, Dr. Bender convinced Susann and her husband that Guy could be successfully treated with electroshock therapy. Guy returned home from Bender’s care a nearly lifeless child. Susann later told people that Bender had “destroyed” her son. Guy has been confined to institutions since his treatment.[…]

According to reports from several former noncommissioned Army officers, who served on rendition-related security details in Turkey, Pakistan and Romania, drugs that produce effects quite similar to Metrazol are still used in 2010 by the Pentagon and CIA on enemy combatants and rendered subjects held at the many “black sites” maintained across the globe. Observed one former officer recently, “They would twist up like a pretzel, in unbelievable shapes and jerk and shake like crazy, their eyes nearly popping out of their heads.”[…]

In an article by Carol Rosenberg for McClatchy News in July 2010, Rosenberg reported that, when covering the Guantanamo military commissions trials, when the question of “what psychotropic drugs were given another accused 9/11 conspirator, Ramzi bin al Shibh, the courtroom censor hits a white noise button so reporters viewing from a glass booth can’t hear the names of the drugs. Under current Navy instructions for the use of human subjects in research, the undersecretary of the Navy is described as the authority in charge of research concerning “consciousness-altering drugs or mind-control techniques,” while at the same time is also responsible for “inherently controversial topics” that might attract media interest or “challenge by interest groups.”[…]

Marion says that both her mother and father were “quite taken with the benefits of LSD and thought that we would also benefit from the drug.” […]

Although each individual session was often terrifying, any lasting effects of the LSD unfolded gradually. In the weeks immediately following the final session, I experienced frequent nightmares – visions of crawling insects, horrible masks, etc. I couldn’t sleep. I was afraid to shut my eyes. I became afraid of the dark. My parents were dismissive and unsympathetic. Their attitude was, in some ways, more disturbing to me than the experiments themselves because it meant that my parents had known full well that the experience would very likely be frightening – and hadn’t cared.

“I discovered that my parents were dishonest and unfeeling in ways that I could not comprehend. They told my sister and me never to talk about the LSD experiences, never to disclose what had happened in London.[…]

[…] my parents’ response to what was probably a mild breakdown from which my sister could have recovered, was coercive and drastic. She had been asking questions about the LSD at this time. She was angry about it. We both were. We talked about it together, but I was afraid to confront our parents. My sister was not. The angrier she became, the more she was ‘diagnosed’ as a ‘psychiatric’ case and the more medication she was given. To this day, my sister is heavily medicated. She never fully recovered from that first episode.[…]

Subsequently, both my uncle and my father threatened me, saying they would make sure I lost my university faculty position if I disclosed anything publicly about the LSD experiments in London.

“‘You will never work in bioethics again,’ they said.

“The response of all these men to the threat of disclosure indicates their lack of ethical scruples, their lack of empathy, their own pathology.

[…]about 55 top-secret experiments underwritten by the CIA. These projects involved LSD, ESP, black magic, astrology, psychological warfare, media manipulation, and other subjects.

[…] it is difficult to fathom how intelligent, highly educated physicians and scientists could partake in such brutal, uncaring, unethical and illegal experiments on children.

What was the basis of their motivation? Was it the quest for some sort of elusive medical grail? Was it for economic gain? Or was it simply the result of a misguided search for knowledge that appeared so infinitely important that any sense of compassion and respect for human rights and dignity was cast aside in the name of a higher goal or good – a search at times so exhilarating with the sense that one is at the precipice of a momentous discovery that any semblance of respect for humankind was thrown aside? […]

That America’s most shameful period of human experimentation, the years 1950 through to about 1979, came on the heels of the making and adoption of the Nuremberg Codes only adds to the shame and hypocrisy. Today, human experimentation is still aggressively conducted by US government-sponsored and employed physicians and scientists regardless of those codes, which came directly out of the shocking madness of the Nazi era. “

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