Ukraine is Exploding

The Ukranian government set a deadline to stop protesting and clear out the occupied areas of Kiev. It expires in 3 minutes. There are upwards of 20,000 people in said occupied areas of Kiev, and they don’t plan on moving.

The cops and special cops have sniper rifles, grenades, molotov cocktails, batons, shields. Most of the cops are kind of wishy-washy about the “fighting the people” idea, except for the Berkut “skull crushing is our specialty” special cops. The Ukrainian military isn’t at all sure it wants to fight the people and probably won’t show.

The protesters have molotov cocktails, guns, shields stolen from the cops, and a metric fuckton of rocks. (There are “bucket brigades” of old Ukrainian ladies digging up pavement stones and passing them to the front lines.) The protesters have organized “self-defense battalions” and have bragged that 10,000 veterans of the Soviet war in Afghanistan will show if Shit Hits the Fan.

All entrances to Kiev are blocked, the subway shut down. Rumors that the much-disliked Ukrainian president Yanukovych has fled Kiev have been denied by pro-government types.

7 protesters are dead already.

Looks like the Ukrainian internal security service started burning their archives just on time…

Live streams (German page, and most of the streams are in Ukranian, who cares) —

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Official feed from the protests —

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