The Truth Behind the Conspiracy Theory: A Home For Ritual Abuse Victims and Multiple-Personality Spies

Dig into the Internet cesspit of MKULTRA conspiracy theory, and within a few minutes you’ll hear about Project MONARCH[1]. This is a salacious, dramatic story of the CIA and Hollywood torturing people in order to split their personalities, in order to create assassins and sex kittens for movie executives. The idea here being, saying the right phrase or playing the right tone lets you change the person from ardent activist to dedicated spy, or unlock “slave mode.”

For the most part I’ve considered this the stuff of, well, conspiracy theory.

After all, the CIA and its predecessor the OSS were experts at “running multiple operating systems on the same hypervisor” without leaving any marks.[2] Hypnosis combined with drugs are quite powerful enough to do the job, particularly with a suitable subject. Why get messy and risk a criminal case if you don’t have to?

It turns out that I may have been mistaken… or that, at least, many of the people doing this kind of thing aren’t interested in learning to hypnotize.

Which makes a bit of sense. Psychopaths and sadists tend to want it now, and brutality is a benefit.

Thus the problem of people running around with multiple people in their head is so serious that, in Germany, there is now a shelter dedicated to victims of “ritual abuse.” And business is brisk!

In some cases, the perpetrators are Scientologists and Satanists and fascists practicing this as part of their ideology, creating secret armies to help immanentize the Eschaton or act as a psychic group mind or whatever.

(Ironically, L. Ron Hubbard accused the Soviets of torturing prisoners to split their personalities. But there is evidence the cult does this — whistleblower Ken Ogger claimed they tried it on him. Unfortunately, Ogger’s writing is ‘out there’ enough I never figured out what his home remedy was, if any.)

In other cases, the perpetrator are proper spies or organized crime groups who for one reason or another can’t be bothered to do the ‘your eyes are very sleepy’ routine. Instead, they torture the victim physically until — as a coping mechanism — the personality ‘splits.’ The victim now becomes an ideal penetration agent, courier, or whatever.

A nasty business either way.

If you speak German and this interests you, here are the relevant websites for the psychologist in charge of the ritual-abuse shelter:

[2] Estabrooks, G. H. “Hypnotism,” 1948.
Also, Estabrooks, “Hypnosis Comes of Age,” Science Digest — covered here earlier.

“Gaby Breitenbach has seen and heard some awful things. The German psychotherapist is telling me about how sometimes, from a very young age, women are systematically tortured by people seeking to split their minds into multiple identities. The desire is to control the victims, of course, but also to leave them with an identity that seems perfectly normal to strangers. While the victim’s everyday identity will have no “memory” of the trauma they’ve experienced, Breitenbach says the abusers are able to “summon” the other identities with various triggers. This can be something as simple as a ringtone, for example.

This method of mind control is known as “ritual abuse.” Most of the time the abuse is sexual in nature. Sometimes the abusers crave power; sometimes they’re just being cruel. Sometimes they’re pseudo-religious nutjobs, sometimes they’re fascists, and oftentimes they are organized crime networks. Sometimes the abusers use their victims to gain membership to a secret society; sometimes they flick a switch in their minds to make them commit suicide. The world can be an incredibly shitty place.

Last month, Breitenbach opened a safehouse to treat victims of ritual abuse in Germany. Vielseits, which translates to versatility, is the first of its kind in Europe and offers trauma therapy to anyone who walks through its doors. […]

Can you tell me about the kind of women who seek help at Vielseits?

All the women who end up with us are victims of organized, sadistic, and sexual violence, who have been subjected to mind control. There are also organizations practicing ritual abuse with a kind of spiritual superstructure where certain ideologies come into play, such as neo-fascist mindsets or different pseudo-religious groups, like Scientology or satanic cults.

From an outsider’s perspective, these are women who appear to have led seemingly normal lives—their everyday persona wouldn’t have been aware of the abuse they were subjected to at night, weekends, or on school holidays. These traumatic experiences are contained in different parts of the identity, so they’re kept away from the conscious, and the person has no knowledge of the trauma they’ve experienced.

How are these personas created?

The victims are subjected to near-death situations—with the help of electric shocks, waterboarding, or other forms of torture—from an early age, and then they’re “rescued” by their tormentors. At some point the victim’s psyche will develop an automated response—it will split, in a bid to survive. As a consequence of the systematic torture, the victims can develop a range of different identities throughout their lifetimes. Offenders perpetrating the abuse hold the key to this system of split identities and have the power to evoke a specific set of behaviors using triggers—which can be hand signs or certain smells or sounds, like a ringtone.

And why would people want to instill these triggers in their victims?

In general, there are two different reasons. There are perpetrators practicing ritual abuse for personal satisfaction. They place their victims in near-death situations by extreme violence just for the sake of it. Others enjoy the power aspect to it, have enormous salaries, and also secure themselves entry and membership into exclusive circles this way. A side effect of this is that the victim has no other option than to run away on the inside, emotionally and mentally, and create separate identities.

On the other hand, there are groups of abusers with elaborate plans to create split personalities and summon one at the flick of a switch. They want to sell the “programs” they use to control their victims to customers and to show off that they were able to create separate identities in one person.

What types of identities might they create with these programs?

Young ritual-abuse victims are most often used as child prostitutes and trained to take part in sadistic child-abuse imagery and films. These women will be prostituted for most of their lives, used for sadistic violence and sometimes for espionage. Many of the identities put through this abuse can’t feel pain.[…]

What do you know about the abusers?

Clients report that people from all different walks of life and from all occupation groups are part of the networks. They range from the police to the judiciary, people in public administration, university lecturers, medical workers, psychologists, hypnotists, politicians…. Certain names come up repeatedly. In exchange with other clients and colleagues across Germany, we are able to cross-validate these names. Some are renowned, award-winning people.[…]

More than half of our clients still voluntarily get driven off in their abusers’ cars at the end of the day, presumably to endure further abuse.

How close do you come to the victims’ experiences?

We see fresh wounds and scars on the bodies of victims daily. We have an abundance of abuser names, crime scenes, and documented experiences. A few women here have photos and other things documenting the abuse.[…]

How does the staff deal with those identities that are still loyal to the abuse networks?

Mostly by understanding why they are loyal. By explaining to them that the circle of abuse can be stopped, and by building up their self-worth. We also work out the triggers and bait that are used to get them to come back. Are there children left in the group? Are there others in the group who will supposedly be harmed if that particular person does not return? Are the clients being told that the therapist at Vielseits will only be protected from death if they return?

In general, it’s a matter of examining the tricks and methods of deceit used by the abusers. To shut down the programs that have been installed in their brains, clients need to work through the trauma with therapists. This inevitably means living it again, which is also physically draining and very painful for the women.”

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