A Contagious, Airborne WiFi Virus (and Ukraine/Scientology)

Because “the Internet of Things” is a terrible, awful idea, researchers managed to develop a WiFi virus that replaces access point firmware with a full-functional-and-more copy.

It’s unclear how it handles different access point models and manufacturers — it may be a research proof-of-concept with little “details” like that hand-waved away with “well it could download the firmware from an online database of pre-hacked updates” — but the point is a nasty one. In a densely populated area (and particularly in a corporate hardware monoculture) the virus can spread itself while remaining almost undetectable.

Once in place the backdoor could implement your choice of snooping or traffic-manipulating tactics.

Since the virus spreads by having the access point connect directly to nearby APs, it doesn’t show to any network-based IDS. You have to be sniffing the airwaves to spot the thing.

Ukraine’s prime minister is now a man who signed a billion-year pledge of loyalty to Scientology’s quasi-paramilitary organization. Perhaps unsurprisingly given the cult’s less-well-known CIA links, his opening statement is about fulfilling Victoria Nuland’s goals of moving Ukraine towards IMF funding and EU membership. (This is partially understandable given how thoroughly the country was robbed. But instead of moar loans, how about the banks apply the ‘Nazi treasure’ rule and return the $70 billion Yanukovych stole after Ukraine proves the theft? Would cover the hole and then some.)

Protesters tweeted a graphic today which sums up the problem. It contained the heading, “List of non-corrupt politicians in Ukraine” — followed by a blank white space.

Also there’s a lot of unrest in the ethnic Russian-dominated Crimea, mostly probably due to the new government forcing everyone to speak Ukrainian (about half the country used Russian as the official language before). Sounds like Ukraine has its own Quebec. It’s own, armed with a full Russian naval base, Quebec…




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