Yes, The Internet Is Pwned By The NSA/GCHQ

In this week’s Snowden leak, we have a more detailed description of the QUANTUM/TURBINE infrastructure with a side of “you gotta be kidding me” scale.

One detail that hasn’t been reported too widely: as of around 2010, they had a feature in development which would allow them to use *ANY* IP address as “virtual infrastructure,” provided it was in an area of the ‘net conducive to QUANTUM hacking.

Any request destined for that IP would be nabbed by the approrpriate TURBINE subsystem, automatically redirecting the “target” to a FOXACID automatic-exploitation server…

Also, as of 2010 or so, they’d already built a 140,000 node botnet just by hijacking existing botnets. Presumably things have gone a bit further since.

There is evidence they’ve been “implanting” servers in mass and indescriminate fashion — applying the “B52s over Laos” mode of thinking to the internet, if you will.* One of the presentation talks about “mass exploitation” of people passing through “network choke points.”

Of course, that’s just the default option. The same surveillance tool is “configurable to provide surgical target selection as well.”

* Yes, infecting people’s computers is a far cry from incinerating hundreds of thousands of innocent Asian children. Perhaps it’s a good thing we have an Internet so the US government can vent some of its blood-thirst on silicon instead of people.

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