New ‘PRISM-proof’ Browser Based Crypto Idea (and weird science: ESP and Tesla)

From the ? department — NASA astronaut and MIT aero-astro PhD claims he proved telepathy while in space.

Also, earlier I mentioned an audio recording from an alleged assistant of Nikola Tesla. There are mounting reasons to believe that, while some of what he said was correct, other parts were almost certainly not. Delusion? Disinformation? It was the Cold War just as the Soviets were starting to figure out that Tesla did some interesting stuff which never became known to the public… and having some idea of the way disinformation often works at this level, my money is on both delusion and disinformation.

Speaking of MIT, some MIT researchers have a new take on browser-based crypto for securing server-stored stuff. Following on the heels of Hushmail and Cryptocat’s early concept, the idea is to handle decryption in the browser and only ever store encrypted data on the server.

Additionally, using that special form of crypto which lets you process data without encrypting it but whose name is JUST at the tip of my tongue… dangling… but frustratingly refusing to make its way to my keyboard, the system makes it possible to well, search and process the encrypted data without the user being there.

Lastly, they try and make sure the decryption code hasn’t been tampered with or QUANTUMed about en route, by using multiple origins and code signing to make any adversary do twice the work.

(There is also a browser plugin for extra-paranoid users… where Cryptocat forced the transition to plugin-only architecture, they leave it open as an option.)

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