John McAfee’s Insane, Paranoiac Lifestyle Never Stopped! (and Assange)

First off, one for the Assange psychoanalysis files. A radical Swedish psychiatrist paid Assange a visit, and posted his assessment of the guy’s mental health — “among the most normal among the normal political leaders or cultural personalities, or journalists, I have ever met.”

Unfortunately the guy’s post is heavy on politics and light on facts. But the Prometheus and Pandora-honey-trap comparisons are worth reading, as they are kind of apt, except for one thing… Assange and Wikileaks’ releases so far, in my eyes, DO NOT ANYWHERE NEAR COUNT as “[stealing] the secret of Gods’ domination upon men, [and exposing] such revelation to all humans in earth.”

Cause for hand-wringing and mass emotio-political masturbation? Full of occasionally but unpredictably useful insight? Sure. But the equivalent of fire? Hell, even Snowden has made it painfully clear we won’t find any such secret in his efforts.

Oh yeah, here’s the link.

Speaking of high-profile figures, everyone remember John “Bath Salts” McAfee?

Yeah, turns out that faking a heart attack to get himself sent back to the US instead of sunny Belize wasn’t exactly the ticket to safety he was hoping for. He’s still dodging hit men and who-knows-what, only this time he’s operating out of a rural farm.

Maybe he should skipped town again and headed for Canada?

Anyway, he has been so kind as to reveal why the trouble in the first place. McAfee was wiretapping and spying on the ~entire Belize government while he lived there, and they eventually coppered on to his antics. No wonder someone was a little pissed… compound this with Uncle Sam’s love of ‘encouraging’ extra-smart people like him to make their homes in-country…

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