When Your Security Camera Starts Mining Bitcoin (and lifehacking: diet and personality)

Lifehacking: Can changing your diet change your personality, making you better able to interact with people, more energized, and independent? A single case study does not a general principle make, but the following article is still fascinating. Fun fact: as far as I know, some search engines (Bing at least) do not allow advertising for paleo diet-related things.


A less pleasant idea comes to us from the world of security cameras, in the process serving as YET ANOTHER reminder that the “internet of things” is a terrible, awful idea that should die in a suspicious but well-timed fire.

In this case, networked Hikvision digital video recorders (commonly used for recording footage from security cameras) are getting infected with malware via their why-in-the-hell-would-you-ever-plug-this-into-the-Internet connections to the Internet.

The malware in question is simple and rudimentary, just enough to scan for devices vulnerable to a particular security hole (using the user-agent ‘ballsack’), pwn the box, and download the Bitcoin mining software.

Oh, and remind anyone who finds it — “if we can mine Bitcoin with the gadget that records your security camera footage… what does that say about the integrity of your footage if we wanted to pay you a visit?”


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