The Internet As A 5-Eyes Propaganda Machine

Following up on the “Cuban Twitter” / USAID scandal, Glenn Greenwald drops some new docs pointing out that this stuff is not news at all. The Brits are particularly active in the Web propaganda business… which ought not to come as much of a surprise to anyone who’s studied the history of propaganda. (The British mastery of propaganda went a long way towards helping them win the First World War.)

Greenwald also cites the “retired generals” domestic propaganda program, but that smells like just the tip of the iceberg to me… one of the frustrating things about reading Western media coverage of “national security” issues is it’s filled with outraging-but-minor stuff, which if you’re not careful leads you to get worked up about ultimately inconsequential details and forget to ask, “where’s the rest?”

(which in turn is probably the whole point)

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