Austria Likely Under Total Time-Machine Surveillance (and covert persuasion, Snowden’s Geneva alias revealed)

Covert persuasion: One of those nasty tricks I’ve observed when dealing with people who have e.g extensive experience with hypnosis — even in the course of normal conversation, there’s a persuasion trick which results in the target (you) creating a fuzzy false memory supporting whatever action they want you take. On the order of “yeah, I remember hearing that was standard practice in this situation…”

I’m not sure exactly what you to cause it, but I’ve observed it 3-4
times in widely divergent settings, and it’s easy to start questioning your sanity (or worse: relying on that “standard practice” and getting screwed) until you realize it’s not you.

Snowden: It turns out Snowden’s alias while working for the CIA in Geneva was “Dave M. Churchyard.” This according to a 3 person reporting team, two of whom met Snowden in Moscow. German-language article.

Also in the German-language Snowden news — we’ve already found out that Iraq was a member of the 6-country “MYSTIC-club” of nations whose entire telecommunications were saved in a 1 month buffer for NSA analysts to peruse at their leisure.

Now it looks like Austria is almost certainly also on the list. The Austrian news outlet has obtained documents and statements which show that there is a “very high probability” all of Austria’s Internet traffic is being stored for a month. also reports that there’s an (as yet unknown) continental NATO country in the MYSTIC club, speculating it might be France or Poland.

My money remains on Germany, since as far as I know there is no country on the planet (except MAYBE the UK — or Iraq/Afghanistan) which has more NSA hardware or a heavier US intelligence presence. (Snowden even visited Heidelberg when he was on tour with the CIA…) (German-language, etc)

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