If You Think Social Media Helps Your Work… You’re Wrong! (and Banksy/GCHQ)

New Banksy… in GCHQ’s neighborhood. http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2014/apr/14/new-banksy-mural-near-gchq-depicts-agents-listening-in-on-phone-box

So we all know that social media is awful from a privacy & security point of view. That still doesn’t stop people from using it, on the grounds that “but, but, cute person just friended me!!!” and “but, but, connecting with clients!!!” or even “yeah, totally… um, after I finish Farmville.”

While I would suggest issues relating to the former are most satisfying to resolve in person, and there’s not really much hope for the latter case, the middle one is a little tougher.

At least, until now. A quite cleverly formulated study asked a bunch of people about their use of social media at work — how it helps, how it doesn’t — and came to a fascinating conclusion.

Specifically, people who think social media “helps” their work in certain ways, are actually being “helped” in ways that don’t matter to their actual work. In other words, they’re not actually deriving much if any benefit, even though they think they are.

On the other hand when people think social media hurts their work, it actually does fire a broadside barrage into their productivity.


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