Most Data Breaches Rely On… Other Data Breaches (and Snowden/Glasgow)

Snowden inaugurated as University of Glasgow rector. First the honorary doctorate from the University of Rostock, now this. Who said you needed a high school diploma to make it in higher education…!

Results from the 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report show that 2 in 3 online breaches made use of stolen or misused authentication credentials — usually logins and passwords.

The physical security world is a little different, since forced entry rules with unsophisticated attackers. But where sharper adversaries are at work, stealing or duplicating a legitimate key is still a favored choice. (Also impressioning, where you create a “real enough” key by working the key blank in the lock.)

Also from the Verizon report: more than 75% of the time, attackers compromised their target within “days or less,” while victims discovered attacks within that time period only in 25% of cases.

Companies have also started hiring organized crime hacker units to target the competition on occasion.

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