The Insane Vulnerability of Hospital Equipment… Continues

Not a new theme here, at all, but a just-completed two-year study into the security of hospital equipment produced results that are truly terrifying for anyone entrusting themselves to the care of such an institution.

Bottom line: IT’S. ALL. VULNERABLE.

Everything except the anaesthesia machines, and those presumably only due to a procedural fluke that keeps them off the network.

If there’s one place the “Internet of Things” should never go, it’s your local hospital, but it seems that’s exactly where it has gone.

To make matters worse, all this kind of stuff is NOT NEW, AT ALL. The general vulnerability of hospital machines and networks to all kinds of hackery-fuckery has been discussed for ages, but neither hospitals nor equipment manufacturers seem to particularly give a damn.

My advice? If you get sick and you’re concerned about adversaries fucking with your medical records to kill or maim you, go find your friendly local witch doctor. The placebo effect is extraordinarly effective, and it’s hard to rootkit a, well, root.

(Other secure options of varying peer-reviewed efficacy: Autogenic training, which I should cover more thoroughly one of these days. G. Patrick “Vril in a Pill” Flanagan’s miracle vitamins, just don’t order through the mail cuz interdiction. DIY homeopathic concoctions. Traveling to a country without legally mandated electronic medical record keeping.)

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