Tesla High Voltage Mad Science, German/Snowden Politics

Mad science project of the day: Y’all remember the earthquake detector a while back?

Here’s another crowdfunder from the same department… except minus the ‘saving lives’ part, this one’s pure electrical wizardry.

The deal with these projects is, you know Nikola Tesla? All the crazy legends? Well, one of my less active hobbies is poking around in that general direction and the history of it all.

As near as I can tell, and as just about anyone will tell you, Tesla developed some really, really insane things by today’s standards. Stuff that should not, in fact, be possible, and most of which has never become known to the general public.

Stuff with massive implications for security, among other things.

Well it seems that the American government has had this stuff from day 0, because Tesla wanted it that way. The Nazis had it too, because they gave him lots of money and kept him afloat when the Anglo-American oligarchy wanted him dead.

The Russians got some of it from the defeated Nazis… and spent a couple billion reverse-engineering much of the rest after they figured out early on in the Cold War, “this fizix, it iz worthless!”

Now the Iranians have come to the same conclusion and are busy re-inventing it from scratch. Much to the consternation of the UKUSA types, since how can you use it to rule the world if even brown people have it?

As for the rest of us, there are a couple of engineers in various parts of the world who are slowly dragging bits and pieces of it out into the sunlight. Eccentric engineers, with hard-earned paranoia complexes.

Anyway, this project is — as far as I can tell — one example of that. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cosmic-induction-generator

Speaking of politics… German chancellor Merkel is currently visiting Obama. Just before she left, the German government-bureaucracy (Merkel’s office, etc) made a big thing about “ve vill NOT allow Meester Snowden into ze country” in a fairly transparent effort to ensure she got a warm welcome in Mickey Mouse Land.

Domestic reaction? The following photo is captioned “Merkel visits Obama” — https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BmoOkawCIAIoSNe.jpg

And, if you can read German or have a robo-translator handy, the following article explains how a German hacker found an XSS exploit (and SQL injection…) in the NSA.gov website, and used it to change the agency’s motto. While Merkel is still hanging out at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue… http://www.mdr.de/mdr-info/sicherheitsleck-auf-nsa-internetportal100.html

To make matters worse there’s a big (and somewhat complex to explain, so I won’t bother) fluff that summarizes as “members of the parlimentary commission to investigate the NSA feel they’re being threatened with prosecution under US law if they so much as agree to talk to Snowden.” (You can read the details here if you care: http://spiegel.de/article.do?id=967144)

Now the great irony about all this is… at no point in history has US foreign policy been more dependent on Germany than it is right now. As the New York Times makes clear, the American push to prickle Putin by proxy through Ukraine is completely and utterly reliant on Germany’s cooperation.

In other words the German government could fly Snowden in first class, and the negotiating principle of ‘least interest’ (c.f Schiff, “Business Brilliant”) means the US government would seriously risk their $5 billion — and a lot more — if they raised too much of a fuss about what is ultimately a perfectly legitimate matter of enforcing German law on German territory.

Here’s the Times piece by the way. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/02/world/europe/us-and-germany-fail-to-reach-a-deal-on-spying.html?_r=1

Hmm… this isn’t quite the usual blend of news I try to cover, but whatever. It’s getting long so I’m gonna end it here and go back to more serious topics next time.

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