Hacking Traffic Systems for Fun And Chaos

In our ever-continuing series of “Yes, the world around you is held together with duct tape and super glue…”

The famous scenes from Hackers and Live Free or Die Hard are not so far from reality as we’ve often assumed. A researcher has found that, provided you can get within radio range — and a drone flying overhead works — of the traffic signals used in major metropolitan areas of the US, UK, Australia, France, China, you can pwn them.

In practice this means you can change traffic signal timing, block intersection, alter electronic speed limit signs, change highway on-ramp metering…

US highways are particularly affected, but there are 50,000 vulnerable “devices” worldwide.

https://threatpost.com/hacking-traffic-systems-for-fun-and-chaos/105789 http://blog.ioactive.com/2014/04/hacking-us-and-uk-australia-france-etc.html

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