Watch Your Packets Fly! (and Barry Wels, JYA/First Look)

Speaking of Barry Wels: he’s put up a post explaining somewhat his involvement in Lockmasters… and letting us all know that his much-loved Blackbag blog won’t be getting any more posts.

Which is too bad. I don’t think anyone — not even Ted the Tool — did as much to bring lockpicking as a hobby to the masses as Barry did.

Still worth taking notes on is how he structures his business — I count at least three sources of income. Yes, I have, erm, decidedly mixed feelings about working for someone who advertises ‘serving those with a need to know.’ But, this does help ensure such knowledge is not stuck in the federal silo, and if you’re going to do it… not being dependent on the money is key.

(And if you’ve ever wondered why I don’t do security professionally… let me put it this way, if you’re going to do security at a really high level, at some point the only people willing to pay you money for it are the “need to know” set, and… I’m not sure. Organized crime? Really paranoid borderline-criminal oligarchs? Who knows, not my problem!)

Speaking of security luminaries: JYA applied for a job as First Look facilities manager. OK so they’ll probably never find anyone better qualified, but WTF?

Right then.

So ever wondered where your packets actually go when you visit a given website?

Some Canadians have put together a database of some 20,000 traceroutes, letting you see how data actually travels as it traverses the Series of Tubes.

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