A New Snowden “Coincidence”!

Gentlemen, start your conspiracy theories! JYA discovered that “Cincinnatus” — Snowden’s alias for contacting Greenwald — wasn’t just in the business of pinging gay ex-litigators in Rio.

One cincinnatus@lavabit.com was also in the busy of organizing CryptoParties in Honolulu… in December 2012.[0]

(LavaBit being the email provider which Snowden later turned out to favor.)

Why is this so juicy? Well, to people who’ve been following the Snowden skeptics… one of the biggest conspiracy theories is an alleged connection between Snowden and Appelbaum [1] at Moxie Marlinspike’s Spring Break Summer of Code[2].

Now this does not prove a Snowden-Appelbaum offline connection. However, it strongly suggests Snowden was connected with the local cypherpunk scene, which in turn almost certainly would have been connected with the Marlinspike thing.

Add in a Marlinspike-attendee’s tweeting a “rubik’s cube” reference[3] just days before Snowden used a Rubik’s cube as a recognition signal in Hong Kong… and has anyone seen my spare grassy knoll? I knew I left it around here somewhere…

Anyway, I’ve already discussed how the Snowden leaks seem tailor-made to create lots of (albeit probably necessary) uproar without actually torpedoing the NSA’s power “where it counts.” But if you pay attention to the details you can learn a lot…

I will have to cover Snowden’s “information theoretic” approach to operational security some other time. (Though, if you care about security, you SIMPLY MUST get yourself a basic grasp of information theory.)

However if you look at the details here… I just want to point something out. Here we have the Honolulu CryptoParty being organized by… a current NSA employee with a CIA background. And evidently nobody questioned this state of affairs.

How many OTHER CryptoParties, and other functions also have similar people at their tops, people who aren’t quite as secretly-subversive as Edward Snowden?

[0] http://cryptome.org/2014/05/cincinnatus-pk.htm

[1] http://streetwiseprofessor.com/?p=7458



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