The Funniest Security Alarm Story You’ll Ever Read (and weird science: video games/S.T.A.L.K.E.R)

Weird science: I haven’t played video games in years, but I’m kind of tempted to find a copy of this one.
Also filed under: Ukrainians being badass; not-quite-accurate examples of the Duga-3 “Russian Woodpecker” in popular culture.
[though the Duga-3’s 10hz pulse rep rate would indeed have been psychoactive, it would’ve been a tad more subtle. But, I’ve seen rumors that the underlying principle could indeed create a “lite version” of the video game’s collective consciousness. Again, no zombies, and probably not something most people would notice while distracted by their smartphones.]

Speaking of fiction… how about I take a break from wall-to-wall Snowden coverage with this. There’s no real point in me summarizing it, that would take away the fun. Suffice to say if you’ve played with DIY electronics or alarm systems… you’ll probably enjoy this one.

(It’s so good I’m willing to link to a Google property to bring it to you!)

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