Never Pick a Fight With Someone Who Buys Ink By the Barrel: Krebs/Swattings (and cultural imperialism/Neil Strauss)

I had this quote on the tip of my tongue yesterday… when it comes to ‘cultural imperialism’, this pretty much sums it up. One of the odder criticisms of the Cablegate releases, actually, was that it was a sort of “branding campaign” for US foreign policy.

“After all, we were America [. …] We didn’t have to invade countries. […] The more they ate our food, the more they admired our action heroes, the more they hummed our songs, the stronger we became.” — Neil Strauss, “Emergency”

Right then…

We will return to our regularly scheduled Snowden coverage shortly, but first a message from the “Peter Parker of the Internet Underground” — never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel!

After about 30 different “swatting” incidents (two of which targeted Brian Krebs), a Canadian teenager was finally arrested. That in of itself is not news, but the amusing parts of this story are the exchanges between the kid and the reporter… sadly they don’t lend themselves to quick and easy summarizing, so see the article for more.

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