Wikileaks’ Afghanistan Victory

Two hours after announcing they’d pushed back the release to another date[1], Wikileaks announced that the other country (besides the Bahamas) which was getting the “full take” treatment was Afghanistan.

Backstory — both the Washington Post and The Intercept had previously declined to name the Afghanis as targets of the Fort Meadean “all seeing eye” program. The US government had told them that the news would likely trigger violence against a “small company” which made the recording and storage of all Afghan phone calls possible.

It’s interesting to note that, despite the big drama, it’s been known more or less for at least 2 years that US intelligence was recording all phone calls in Afghanistan. [3] Wikileaks did not name their source (for “source protection reasons) so it’s entirely possible they got this information from the Daily Mail’s 2012 article!

In any case, the Afghan reaction has been furious enough (and as far as we know nonviolent enough) for Wikileaks to claim victory, and for the US government’s mental picture of Assange to give his platinum-blonde cat a few strokes of glee.

We have moved our publication on the identity of NSA “SOMALGET” country X to another date for media cycle reasons.

STATEMENT: WikiLeaks statement on the mass recording of Afghan telephone calls by the NSA #afghanistan #nsa #snowden



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