The Anon Who Knew Too Much (CIA, FBI, Anonymous, Wikileaks’ failures, and Canada)

Today, the last section of an extremely important, five-part story was published in Canada’s conservative National Post.[0]

Central to the story is a file which was uploaded — apparently unencrypted by accident — to a secure server run by some members of Anonymous. It dealt with the FBI’s investigation into certain CIA practices, which right there ought to tell you something… as the central figure in the story put it, “The contents of the file were very disconcerting to my entire group.”

The file appears to have been destined for Wikileaks. Wikileaks half-confirmed this in a tweet [1], though the website appears not to have responded to inquiries from the National Post reporter asking for full confirmation. [2]

Unfortunately, Wikileaks has a poor track record of publishing “real secrets,” of the the kind that get people turned psychotic and drugged for interrogation by the US government (as the kid in this case did when the FBI got their paws on him).

As Chelsea Manning disclosed in a court filing,[3] Assange failed to publish two sensitive and disturbing files she leaked to the site — files evidently so sensitive they’ve been kept out of the case everywhere else. (Also telling is the extremely vague language which Manning used to describe them, it’s ironically similar in tone to what the National Post reporter was told.)

In any case the results of all this is one very troubled kid currently applying for asylum in Canada, against the child pornography charges (!) which the US government filed against him on the thinnest of pretexts.

On the upside — though Canada does not grant many requests for asylum against the US, the Gary McKinnon case is a favorable Commonwealth precedent, and the National Post is reasonably close to the Canadian government.

Why is this last part important? Considering that the National Post editors were “hugely supportive” of the story [4] and this is the longest story that paper ever published [5], this may either indicate or encourage similar sentiments in the relevant organs of state.


Post: Son of NSA figure seeking asylum in Canada hit with sex case after finding FBI doc on CIA bound for #WikiLeaks

@wikileaks Thanks for tweeting a link to my story about Matt DeHart’s case. Would like to know if a file like he describes ever came to you.

See paragraph 10 (b)

@bbhorne That was my backup plan if my editors weren’t interested. They were and have been hugely supportive. So, sorry you’ll have to wait!

@dkaszor @mattbraga Wait until all FIVE chapters are released; likely the longest thing the @nationalpost has ever published

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