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AES Is Probably Toast (and Wikileaks/Cryptome/Snowdenleaks, CryptoCat fundraiser)

Tune in next week? Hah! When I compared Wikileaks & Cryptome yesterday to a soap opera… I WAS KIDDING. GUYS, JOHN, JULIAN, IF YOU’RE SOMEHOW READING THIS… IT WAS A JOKE… NOT AN INSTRUCTION! On the upside, for those of you who like popcorn, grab a big fistful and enjoy the show. First, Julian Assange […]

Wikileaks v. Cryptome… Rumble in the Jungle!

After Wikileaks released the TISA treaty [1] (props to them for actually releasing something secret for once, rather than FOIA’d docs) things were looking up. After it turned out that a change in Swedish law [2] gave Assage a meaningful weapon for ending the by-now-obviously-bullshit Swedish legal stalemate, things were looking even better. He even […]

Building Your Own NSA-Style Bugs: the NSA Playset

Some hackers led by the guy behind the HackRF have started building their own versions of the NSA bugging devices which came to light around 30C3. Using the HackRF SDR as a receiver, they figured out how to build radio-retroreflector “implants” that would modulate an incoming carrier wave, and then built the receiver software to […]

Building a ‘DIY NSA’ with the PwnPlug

What happens when an NPR reporter volunteers to get the NSA treatment at the hands of an ArsTechnica flack and Pwnie Express’ CTO? They find that not only can they collect the to-be-expected unencrypted-but-sensitive data with a PwnPlug passively sniffing said NPR man’s home network, they can also snoop on a number of ostensibly secure […]

A Neat TSCM-Adaptable Toy, And Some Crazy Antenna Theory

For those of you who have been hiding under a counterespionage rock, one of the niftier tools in the bug-hunter’s toolkit is the NLJD. In essence it’s a “non-linear junction radar” — it finds semiconductors hidden in walls and the like by bouncing a signal off them and looking for higher-order harmionics. In the context […]

Ethics and Personal Energy

If you’re a night owl, you’re probably less ethical in the morning. One of the elements I should have included in my “How to Get Rich” writeup is the half-psychological half-physiological component we call “personal energy,” so perhaps it’s no surprise that here we have the Harvard Business Review taking a look at it. And […]

Facebook Mind Control… and Fascism!

Everyone remember the “We come from Facebook” banners carried by Brazilian anti-government protesters last year? A new study released by Facebook’s “Data Science” team demonstrates that they were able to manipulate the emotions of users on the site. All they did was reduce the amount of “positive” or “negative” posts presented to users’ News Feeds. […]