‘Unofficial’ Snowden Leaks: Cable Tapping with DANCINGOASIS and CIRCUIT

First, a clever and apparently amateur analyst has pulled together the facts of the NSA’s most voluminous cable tapping program, codenamed DANCINGOASIS, which taps data out of the Middle East. [1]

This program has not been disclosed anywhere in the press coverage except in the German language book Der NSA Komplex (written by two Der Speigel reporters), nevertheless the blogger manages to pull together a surprisingly detailed picture of what it does.

Second, here’s the cable tapping program the UK Government doesn’t want you to see. [2] It was concerns about this program, in part, which led the British Government to pressure the Guardian — which in turn duitifully declined to report on it.

Some smartass nevertheless leaked the leak to The Register, everyone’s favorite source of sarcastic tech news (“biting the hand that feeds IT”) which just published all the salacious parts. It turns out the UK closely cooperates with Oman (where the Brits installed a ruler some decades ago who’s still in power) and in turn run many of their tapping operations out of the country.



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