Happy Snowden Day: Google/NSA, Co-Conspirators, Reset the Net, Germany/Merkelphonegate/Prosecution

It’s been exactly a year since the Snowden leaks started trickling out. To mark this anniversary, Snowden released a statement [1] calling for people take back their privacy rather than asking for it, stating that “This is the beginning of a moment where we the people begin to protect our universal human rights with the laws of nature rather than the laws of nations.”

Others supporting the “Reset the Net” day of action include a number of internet civil liberties groups as well as… Google. This latter name is particularly ironic as Al Jazeera recently obtained emails showing that Gogle’s executive echelon (or should that be ECHELON?) maintains close relations with the NSA [2]. Sergey Brin is even on a first-name basis with Keith Alexander.

In unrelated news, documents unsealed in the Lavabit case suggest that the US government is actively investigating Snowden’s co-conspirators [3] though it isn’t clear if those co-conspirators are actual people or just figments of some G-man’s paranoia. In any case I would assume any such people have long since made their way to jurisdictions which don’t extradite to the US.

Lastly, the German federal prosecutor finally reached an official decision to launch a formal investigation into NSA spying… [4] or at least half the case. The Merkelphone spying, in his eyes, has been well proven enough to warrant an investigation. The idea that the NSA massively snooped on German citizens remains an open question.

Notably Snowden (via his attorney) has not reacted to the prosecutor’s request for information. The decision also came the day before the prosecutor was to appear before the German Parliament’s legal committee to explain why he saw no reason for an investigation… an appearance which had been called by Christian Ströbele, the member of parliament who met Snowden in Moscow.

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