Radio Interception and Direction Finding: Cryptome Leaks NSA / DEA’s SANDKEY

“This information is provided so American guerillas will practice appropriate OPSEC/EMSEC in the troubles to come.”

A remarkable sentence from the leaker-provided intro to a document which was leaked to Cryptome, which has managed to keep publishing despite their site being down for unclear reasons.

The program, SANDKEY, is a direction-finding and signals-interception program which intercepts unencrypted radio communications (primarily? officially?) from drug runners. The direction-finding capability is apparently very, very accurate.

The opening text in the presentation also provides an interesting bit of cultural context — the CIA infiltrating Latin America under cover of the DEA and the “El Paso Intelligence Center.” The idea being nobody likes the CIA, but Latin American governments like the DEA.

Notably the radio interception / direction finding station in Guayaquil, Ecuador is run (?) by the El Paso Intelligence Center.

As to the status of the Cryptome kickstarter, looks like this leak increased their donations count just $2000 so far:

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