TrueCrypt Developer Admits NSA Connection (!!!)

It seems like the ultimate example of techno-numerology, like the “Bible code” for cypherpunks… but this one is a little scary, and almost everyone got it wrong so far.

It starts with the “Using Truecrypt is not secure as…” phrase which so many people have made light of, for containing the “(N)ot (S)ecure (A)s” word choice.

But it goes further. As one forum commentator noticed [1] the whole phrase spells out:

uti nsa im cu si

Now, this commentator (as well as everyone else who noticed this) made a critical flaw in his analysis… assuming it was Latin. (Indeed, Google translates it into a vaguely suspicious-sounding “Unless I want to use the NSA”)

But… how many coders know Latin?! In fact Google Translate auto-dects it as Romanian, which would be a lot more plausible. There are some REALLY good Romanian hackers out there, and if TrueCrypt’s authors are Eastern European, Romanian is believable.

However, Google’s Romanian is a bit sketchy, [2] so let’s try Bing. This spits back (when set to Romanian):

im with the nsa and uti

Any questions? You there in the back. What’s that UTI, you say? Oh, that’s nothing, after all this is just a conspiracy theory. You always get little artefacts like that, since this isn’t a real hidden message or anything.

Hold on, just a minute, someone passed me a note… turns out UTI is a major Romanian company!

“Homeland and defence security represents UTIs core business, providing security systems for critical infrastructures based on its proprietary equipments, software applications and signal processing technologies. UTI is also the contractor of choice for any defence project, as its engineering capabilities are unique and long-standing.” [3]

In the immortal words of Hans Landa… “That’s a bingo!” [4] And indeed, as a master interrogator himself, I doubt he could have hoped for a better confession from the TrueCrypt developer(s).

[1] [2]

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