Wikileaks v. Cryptome… Rumble in the Jungle!

After Wikileaks released the TISA treaty [1] (props to them for actually releasing something secret for once, rather than FOIA’d docs) things were looking up.

After it turned out that a change in Swedish law [2] gave Assage a meaningful weapon for ending the by-now-obviously-bullshit Swedish legal stalemate, things were looking even better. He even did a Reddit AmA. [5]

But… not for everyone. Around this time Cryptome was mysteriously taken offline, on the only-slightly-more-believable pretense that someone had identified a malicious file on the site. (JYA reacted immediately, the site stayed down.) [3]

Even worse, Cryptome’s Kickstarter has been… not doing all that well. Donations have slowed to a trickle, then to a drip, and now seem to have all but stopped. [4]

While the Kickstarter is Cryptome’s problem, the Cryptome site being offline seemed to be an ideal opportunity for the US government’s least favorite publisher of last resort to step in and lend a hand. And for a while it looked like they would.

Now it looks like there’s something seriously fishy in Denmark. Wikileaks’ offer mysteriously failed, and nobody knows why. Cryptome seems to think someone impersonated Sarah Harrison over email. [6]

Even odder, rumors are flying that Harrison pulled a Domscheit-Berg and is actually in Berlin writing another Wikileaks expose. [7] Others have suggested the whole thing was a setup, fingering Rob Graham of Errata Security as having “very very close links with GCHQ” [6].

Now, I’m skeptical about both of these last two claims. In the first case, the claimant is Alan Taylor, a shady Brit and (former?) PGPboard administrator who’s been virulently against Wikileaks since the beginning. For the second, Graham was one of the first people to publicly discuss and halfway support Dragos Riu and the Mysterious Case of #badBIOS… [8] I’m rather skeptical anyone loyal to a Five Eyes intelligence agency would do that. (Unless the whole thing was a ploy, which I doubt.)

But what we can say for sure is that… as in so many things Wikileaks… there’s SOMETHING going on somewhere. Is it the trails of so many spies stepping on each others’ tails which make the waters too muddy to peer through? Only time can tell. Tune in next week on “As the World Leaks…”









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