Monthly Archives: July 2014

Internet Crooks Now Using “Government Grade” Malware Code

Here’s a scary thought: criminals using all that excessively over-engineered government spy software (the stuff you thought only other governments and Wikileaks had to worry about) to steal your cash and screw with your computer. This in fact appears to be happening. According to an “intelligence report” from Sentinel Labs, they detected some really high-end […]

Hotel Safe Suckiness Rediscovered

A few years after MWT et al made mincemeat of those little in-room hotel safes, security firm G-Data decided to take a second swing. This time around, the piƱatas proved no less resistant to the proverbial security-research bat. Poking at an anonymous Chinese-made unit, they found that the safe used a cruciform lock as an […]

(offtopic) Entrepreneurs’ Telepathy

So I just brought up the topic of the guy making $2000 per hour as a way to “get free of the system.” Let’s look at how this works, and why it isn’t quite freedom yet. Money is a proxy for value, and value is in the eye of the customer. The amount of value […]

“Cognitive Hacking” For Mass Manipulation

Some of you may be a bit surprised at my repeated skepticism of the “global brain” concept, something you may never have heard about unless you’re really tuned in to certain segments of the “tech elite.” After all, isn’t a totally decentralized network the ultimate answer to authoritarian, centralized control? Indeed it is… as this […]

Yes, The Stock Market Is Rigged

Just in case you were still wondering whether Wall Street really was a casino where “the house always wins”… here’s some detailed but quantifiable evidence that yes, the stock market is approaching Vegas’ efficiency at parting fools from their money. The rough summary is that HFT algorithms are still exploiting race conditions in the market […]

Here’s How Apple Bends Over And Spreads It For The US Govt (also, solar storms)

First of all, I was recently reading about “solar storms” [1] and realized something. Certain corners of the Interwebs love speculating about how the (probably going to happen sooner or later) “magnetic pole reversal” of the Earth’s magnetic field is going to cause an EMP and destroy civilization. Well, this is prima facie bullshit, since […]

Who Needs Human Rights When You Have Realpolitik? NSA and Saudi Arabia

Today’s Snowden Leak-of-the-Day makes a simple point. Saudi Arabia is not a country known for its human rights… rather, it’s the kind of country known for pouring bleach (or similar cleaning liquid) down the throat of human rights activists. And that’s just the “good cop” treatment, they don’t talk about the really bad stuff. At […]