As the World Leaks: Harrison Still At Wikileaks, Cryptome’s Epic Email Interview

In our ongoing coverage of the soap opera known as the secrets-spilling industry, Sarah Harrison has definitively rebuked earlier rumors [1] that she was pulling a Domscheit-Berg. In her latest interview with Democracy Now [2] there’s not so much a whisper of a split between her and the “global hourglass”… everything is business as usual. (Which, sadly for leak-watchers, means the interview doesn’t really contain anything new.)

Fortunately, there’s still cause for popcorn.

After his mysterious tweets about dumping the Snowden archive to avert war attracted a great deal of attention (and brought in about $1200 in donations for his Kickstarter [3]) some poor journalist decided to try interviewing JYA over email.

The results have unsurprisingly been posted [4] and at the very least they provide some semblance of a perspective what JYA meant by those tweets. In short: nothing much… they were just his way of dramatizing his predictions for what would happen in July.

However, at the very end… after JYA appears to “get serious”… there is this most enticing quote:

” We “understand” — yes, more vagueness — there are a number of persons holding documents without access, others who have limited access, and some who have full access.

There are trip wires for each to play a role in release(s) depending on circumstances, staged as now, increasingly more, or full. This is common opsec which Snowden is highly trained in, as are comsec experts inside and outside official domains.

Subterfuge is obligatory on all sides. The Snowden media team has done a masterful decoy operation to allow for development of countermeasures under guidance of Snowden and technical and legal wizards.

Question will always remain if the team has been penetrated, once, twice, many times as potential rewards for betrayal increase. This too is considered in opsec planning and execution. Thus the compartmentation of the documents, not only the Snowden media team we know, but by the others we don’t, established before and after the team we know.

Past evidence is that there will spring of leaks of Snowden’s leak, accidental or deliberate.

The NYTimes account today of the NSA Director is a classic subterfuge of dispensing chaff.”





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