“Facebook Mind Control” = US Govt Mind Control…?!

In the “Facebook Mind Control” writeup I — none-too-seriously — implied that the Brazilian anti-government “We come from Facebook” riots immediately after Snowden might have been an attempt to destablize Glenn Greenwald’s host country.


It now turns out the “Facebook Mind Control” study which manipulated the emotions of 600,000 users was in fact connected to a US Department of Defense program.

A program which is designed to do exactly that — spark riots and mass civil unrest in countries the US government doesn’t like!

To quote the article: “The U.S. government is militarizing social media through a combination of technology and social sciences, and Facebook is helping them.”

In order to avoid this becoming too long I will let you, dear reader, draw the mental line between ancient Rome, its roads, the US government, and a “global brain” built out of ARPA/US Defense Department-funded parts. (Here’s looking at you, Tor.)


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