COINTELPRO Lives! FBI, NSA Spying On Muslim-American Political Leaders

The latest Snowden story reveals that the FBI and NSA officially targeted a number of Muslim-American leaders for surveillance, people who were not at all connected with terrorism. In fact, one ran for Congress and held a top-secret security clearance! [1]

Unfortunately many people (probably none of YOU, but still) are going to look at this and say “well, they’re Muslim!” However, going by the facts of these cases, it looks an awful lot like these people weren’t targets of anything approaching a legitimate law enforcement probe… rather, if anything, they were targets of endemic Islamophobia in the US government.

To the point where said government’s internal memos (also mentioned in the leak) use names like “Mohammed Raghead” for placeholders…!

In a recent AmA interview on Reddit [2] Glenn Greenwald noted that he’s aware of the “well, they’re Muslim” tendency. (Should we call it Niemoellerism?) According to him, they’re working on some stories that will also highlight non-Muslim surveillance abuse victims. (Yo, Glenn, let’s have ’em as pasty-white Anglo-Protestant as they come, please!)

One of the biggest hurdles may be naming names… most people, and for very good reason, would prefer not to be named publicly [3] as being on one of the US government’s enemies lists, and prospective enemies of the State have emailed Glenn in huge numbers saying so as a preventative measure.

Worth quoting also, something I found in Glenn’s comments on an earlier AmA interview, which echoes both the Le Bon/Bernays-esque crowd psychology which Goebbels loved and the “sluggish schizophrenia” of the Soviets…

“One of the most darkly hilarious things to watch is how government apologists and media servants are driven by total herd behavior: they all mindlessly adopt the same
script and then just keep repeating it because they see others doing so and, like parrots, just mimic what they hear.

All whistleblowers are immediately demonized – they have to be “crazy” lest people think that there is something valid to their view that they saw injustices so
fundamental that it was worth risking their liberty to expose. That’s why Nixon wanted Daniel Ellsberg’s psychoanalysis files: degrading the psyche of whistleblowers is vital to defending the status quo.” [4]



I get in trouble every time I talk about our reporting before it’s ready, but suffice to say: Muslims, while the prime target of post-9/11 abuses, are not the only
ones targeted by them, and there is definitely more big reporting to come from the Snowden archive.



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