Heathcare and Big Data – Yep, It’s As Bad As You Think

““I think it will be led by employers,” says Wofford. “We see some more aggressive employers like Safeway, where they are driving outcomes by swabbing the cheeks of employees to see whether they are smoking or not.” U.S. law says that smokers can be charged higher premiums.”

This otherwise “ooh big data shiny must be good!” article basically explains how health insurance companies are using big data to, well, be as Orwellian as you’d expect.

Fun fact: the Stasi’s official position on prisoner suicide was that it must be prevented, because it allowed people to “escape the appropriate punishment” and people’s bodies really belonged to the State anyway.

But there is hope, I suppose: if you don’t make the healthcare system responsible for your health, they can’t play Orwell with you. (Fun fact #2: Tesla’s electrotherapy is one of the most poorly understood areas of his inventing, but doctors who worked with it published some remarkable articles on how it turbocharged the body’s self-healing ability. So clearly the solution to Big Data orwellianism is MOAR TESLA!)


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