Internet Crooks Now Using “Government Grade” Malware Code

Here’s a scary thought: criminals using all that excessively over-engineered government spy software (the stuff you thought only other governments and Wikileaks had to worry about) to steal your cash and screw with your computer.

This in fact appears to be happening. According to an “intelligence report” from Sentinel Labs, they detected some really high-end program code bolted on to run-of-the-mill ransomware and bot code.

While the ransomware and bot code the criminals used wasn’t anything to write home about, evidently the crooks have some high-level connections. The malware’s “carrier” appears to have been originally developed for really sophisticated government-espionage purposes — and indeed used for these purposes in an attack “originating in Russia.”

As far as I can tell, this means the crooks had access to the original source code. Next to corporations and governments as threat to individual liberty, add organized crime…

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