Wikileaks / Snowden Roundup: Greenwald, Australia, Ecuadorian Embassy, Germany

The leak hopper’s fill indicator just went “ding,” so let’s have a look and see what we’ve got.

Glenn Greenwald just cancelled his appearance before the German parliamentary commission to investigate the NSA [1] (not to be confused with the — at least so far — more effective “Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI”).

Greenwald stated that the German government’s refusal to invite Snowden demonstrated German politicians “care far more about not upsetting the U.S. than they do about conducting a serious investigation.

“As a result, I am not willing to participate in a ritual that is intended to cast the illusion of an investigation, but which is actually designed to avoid any real investigation, placate the German public with empty symbolism, and keep the culprit – the U.S. Government – happy.”

Which is a pretty epic statement to make, even by the usual standards of “Glenn, the Ceratotherium simum of American civil liberties discourse.” German parliamentarians weren’t particularly happy at this — the “grand coalition” members (who voted against bringing Snowden) were particularly pissed, the opposition rather more understanding.

Signs point to the German government’s patience with (and fear of) their American counterparts having dramatically eroded over the last few months. Even the “Christian Democrats” (read: party founded with CIA money, if my research is accurate) have started talking about using manual typewriters to stop NSA spying.[2] So here’s to hoping this helps push things over the edge…

Continuing on, Wikileaks just published an Australian court order suppressing discussion in the press of an Aussie corruption case[3]. In the process the website earned accolates across the commentariat for getting back to its roots.

Also worth noting here is a somewhat older interview with Assange, in which he talks a bit about security and the Ecuadorian Embassy. [4] Notably, Wikileaks was able to show that Harrod’s department store (near the Embassy) was loaning out its rooms to British spies for the purpose of better watching Wikileaks. How do you say “Who clothes the watchers?” in Latin?

Lastly, a little detail I missed in the earlier Der Spiegel coverage of the NSA in Germany… the astonishing… and hilarious… Orwellian / fascist naming conventions of the NSA’s German bases.[5]

For example, and I am NOT making this up:
“Freedom through Vigilance”
“Strength through Knowledge”

Just to give you some perspective, the VW Beetle was originally introduced by the Nazi “leisure organization” known as… “Strength through Joy.”[6]




[3] ory-fnjwnfzw-1227006957109




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