The Most — And Least — Hackable Cars

Everyone remember Michael Hastings?

Here’s a list of the new-model cars to avoid if you’d like your car to do what you tell it to, every time, guaranteed.

2014 Jeep Cherokee
2014 Infiniti Q50
2015 Escalade

2014 Dodge Viper
2014 Audi A8
2014 Honda Accord

This based on a survey done by Charlie Miller & co, who did much of the original car-hacking research. The “least bad” cars separate their “network accessible potential attack surfaces,” putting them on different networks inside the car.

They’re still connected by “gateways,” though… so if you’re really jonesing to have a car that ALWAYS obeys your orders, you’re still better off rockin’ it like MacGuyver and finding a car from that era. Plus, word on the street is your adversaries will take you less seriously if you have a mullet.—threats/advanced-threats/the-worlds-most-hackable-cars/d/d-id/1297753?

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