The NSA’s Schitzophrenic Relationship with Israel

Glenn Greenwald is pissed.

Since the beginning of the Gaza chaos, he’s been agitating for the Palestinian civilian population on Twitter. But as the saying goes, “don’t get mad — get some leaks and publish them.”

(Wait, you thought I was going to say “…get even?” Nah, this is the Post Snowden Era, and Ceratotherium Glenn.)

The documents du jour center on the relationship between the NSA and Israeli intelligence. In a nutshell, yes, the US is supplying cash, weapons, and the finest “intelligence” the NSA’s machinery can churn out to the Israelis.

There’s even a dedcated “information pipeline” between the NSA and Israel’s NSA-equivalent.

At the same time, who is the NSA most afraid of, in terms of other countries? Next to the usual suspects (China, Russia, Iran) we find… Israel.

(Also, France, Venezuela, and South Korea…?)

Incidentally, a question. One of the “Snowden conspiracy theories” I’ve noticed circulating was that Snowden asked Greenwald & co not to publish documents on Israel. Apart from prima facie falsifications of this hypothesis [1] — does anyone know if there’s any evidence in favor, or is this just another pseudo-propaganda Internet thing?

[1] Besides today’s leak, also

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