Anonymous Develops Illegal Ham Radio (and Lifehacking/Bach, Private Sector #badBIOS?)

Lifehacking tip: Bach.

Specifically, Bach organ music.

I swear, the stuff’s like toilet bowl cleaner for the mind.

’nuff said.

Private sector using #badBIOS? Very strange story.

Looking to bypass the limitations of commercial communications, a group of hackers associated with Anonymous has put together some (currently not very usable) software to do encrypted data transmission.

Using fldigi-controlled ham transceivers.

Upside: if you’re in a situation where the authorities already want to put you in jail, breaking the “no crypto on ham bands” rule isn’t going to be much of a deal.

Downside: using this is probably illegal in every Western country… and direction-finding to locate “clandestine” radio transmitters was already perfected 70 freaking years ago in WWII. Nowdays neat tricks like phased arrays make it even easier and faster.

Maybe this will inspire research into DF-resistant antenna designs.

I wonder if the quadrature-fed orthogonal magnetic loops described by Schantz[1] and covered here earlier, with their spiralling radiation patterns, would work for this sort of thing…

[1] Schantz, Hans. “Theory and Practice of Near-Field Electromagnetic Ranging.”

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