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(semi-offtopic) Ukraine and Crimea and Special Forces

For those of you that thought this wasn’t about energy… so basically, Russian special forces — by the way, if you think special forces = rapelling off helicopters, you’re WRONG, they’re much more about being subtle in civilian environments — anyway, so Russian special forces basically recruited a bunch of pro-Russian residents of Crimea to […]

Webcam, Xbox Camera Streams Get Fed Into Face Recognition Databases

Privacy fans were right to worry about the new Xbox’s camera. It turns out GCHQ has been harvesting all the webcam streams it can get its mitts on and feeding the result into face recognition databases. In this case, the documents talk about snarfing down Yahoo webcams and a “wider program” to exploit Xbox Kinect […]

A Contagious, Airborne WiFi Virus (and Ukraine/Scientology)

Because “the Internet of Things” is a terrible, awful idea, researchers managed to develop a WiFi virus that replaces access point firmware with a full-functional-and-more copy. It’s unclear how it handles different access point models and manufacturers — it may be a research proof-of-concept with little “details” like that hand-waved away with “well it could […]

Reddit is Run By The NSA (and YanukovychLeaks)

First of all, this is just awesome — Ukrainians following in the “Documents from the US Espionage Den” tradition. Would-be revolutionaries take note, remember to set up a leaks page for your revolution! Right, so Reddit may not *actually* be run by the NSA, but the site has a sordid history of active censorship […]

How Internet Spies Manipuluate, Lie, and Destroy Your Reputation

I’ve pointed out this kind of thing a few times in the past — all intelligence agencies both gather information and exert influence. (It’s almost as it it was a Schrödinger situation.) Now Glenn Greenwald has opened up with both barrels and pointed out what he’s been slowly been building up to — that the […]

The Truth Behind the Conspiracy Theory: A Home For Ritual Abuse Victims and Multiple-Personality Spies

Dig into the Internet cesspit of MKULTRA conspiracy theory, and within a few minutes you’ll hear about Project MONARCH[1]. This is a salacious, dramatic story of the CIA and Hollywood torturing people in order to split their personalities, in order to create assassins and sex kittens for movie executives. The idea here being, saying the […]

How to Tell If It’s Just A Bug… Or A Malicious Backdoor!

Can you apply human-security thinking to digital forensics… and determine whether that critical security flaw was a bug or a malicious bug-door? Nadim “Cats in Ur Crypto” Kobessi has an interesting take on the Apple SSL bug. The bug in question was a single, duplicated line of code with serious implications — anyone could execute […]