Monthly Archives: January 2014

Homer Simpson is a Glasshole (and getting rid of spies, Snowden/CSEC)

I don’t have Flash, so I haven’t actually been able to watch the episode. But it sounds like the Simpsons’ writers got it right on: “Homer and all of the feeble-minded power plant employees unsurprisingly become addicted to wearing Oogle Goggles, because the devices give them effortless command of a huge amount of information. But […]

Easy Ways to Detect Advanced Moblie & BIOS Attacks (and Lifehacking/Workouts, Chomsky, Snowden/Climate Change, Snowden/Redaction Fails)

One of the hackers who previously wrote about nation-state level attacks being used against hacker conference attendees has a short guide to spotting certain kinds of very advanced attacks on mobile phones and regular computer BIOSes. It seems he’s isolated some fingerprints of “anomalous behavior” caused by the imperfect programming of some of the attack […]

Bonsai Kitten Democracy: The Snowden “Leak” Everyone Missed?

Cold war story time. Somewhere in the literature there’s a most illuminating story about Bill Clinton and the KGB, from an interview with a former KGB officer and a journalist. As the KGB man puts it, Clinton toured Moscow when he was 23. Was the KGB watching at the time? Most certainly. What did they […]

NSA/GCHQ <3 Angry Birds and Google Maps and just LOOOVES smartphones in general

The NSA’s “Golden Nugget” perfect scenario: “Target uploading photo to a social media site taken with a mobile device.” What can they get? “a “possible image”, email selector, phone, buddy lists, and “a host of other social working data as well as location”.” Also: “Anyone using Google Maps on a smartphone is working in support […]

Just In Case You Had Any Trust In The NSA Left… (Snowden TV interview coverage)

“The only way the NSA discovers abuses [by people with access to the mass surveillance system data] is from self reporting.” — Edward Snowden i.e., self-reporting by the abusers. “Whoops, boss, I couldn’t control myself and had to look up my ex.” Yeah. You think — just maybe — the NSA’s data is available to […]

Seach Engines: DuckDuckGo Isn’t “Safe” Either (and Ukraine, eschatology, “interdiction”)

An article in the German-language press makes a good point: for all of you switching to DuckDuckGo to avoid the NSA, no dice. The (Russian) Yandex-affiliated site is hosted on Amazon S3 in the US, Amazon being a CIA contractor. DuckDuckGo is also a US company and subject to the PATRIOT Act, FISA court orders, […]

Smartphones Steal Your Energy (and Snowden stuff)

According to two new studies, people who used a smartphone after 8pm slept more poorly and had much less energy the following day. The smartphone-users simply couldn’t focus as well. The studies compared smartphones to tablets, laptops, and TVs, and found that smartphones had a bigger negative effect than any of those. Forget “personal tracking […]