While I’m issuing corrections…

Further research indicates that should be “Julian Assange from ages 8-11 was exposed to an Eastern occult, well, cult” — it’s unclear if the word “in” applies, as that’s one part of his history we know little about. Could as easily be “learned to hate.”

But it IS freaky that his hair still looks like one of those kids.


(According to Assange, it’s the result of a stressful divorce… which may or may not be true, but is more plausible than you think! Psychologists studying hypnotic regression have observed physical changes in the body, including marks on the skin, that correspond to past states.

This is particularly famous in multiple-personality cases, but I consider it conceivable that the severe trama and druggings the Hamilton-Byrne kids went through would have left enough of an impression to recur spontaneously. The mind does indeed do weird and inexplicable things sometimes.)

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